What to Ask When Touring a Master-Planned Community

When you buy a new home, you also buy the community it’s located in. That’s why many people in Texas prefer to purchase a home in a master-planned community like Dellrose. Master-planned communities are all-encompassing with a variety of home styles, great amenities, and fabulous neighbors. How do you know which master-planned community is right for you? Here are 10 questions you can ask to guide you in your new home search.

What’s the Vibe?

Every community has its own distinct personality. Find out what activities and events the community hosts each year. Are they primarily family-friendly? Do they skew toward older residents? Are residents involved in volunteering or donating to local charities? While you tour, look around. Are a lot of people jogging or walking the trails? Do you see lots of families at the playground? Imagine yourself living in the community, hanging out with neighbors and taking advantage of the amenities. Ask yourself if it feels right for your family.

When was the Community Established?

Ask when the community was established. Some are brand new while others have been around for a few years. If the community is new, your neighbors will also be new which is a great opportunity to make friends. Your new home also will feature the latest in building technology and home design. However, the amenities might not be complete just yet and you will be living near construction if you’re the first to move in on your block. An established community has amenities you can use the day you move in. Most neighborhoods are mature with parks, shady trees and less construction.

What are Your Plans for the Future?

The great thing about a master-planned community is that it is planned. Find out how many homes there will be at build-out if additional amenities are planned and how many acres will be devoted to green spaces and commercial projects. Most communities will have a brochure with the master plan printed in it. Keep in mind that things may change, but the map should give you a good idea of where the community is headed.

How Many Builders Are There?

Master-planned communities don’t offer cookie-cutter homes. You will be able to choose your builder, floor plan and elevation. If you want to have lots of options, you might want a community with a large family of builders. Even if there aren’t a lot of builders, you will still have a good variety floor plans and homes to choose from at different price points and closing dates.

Which Schools Will my Kids Attend?

As a parent, you want to send your children to the best schools. Ask which district the community is zoned to and specifically, which schools your children will attend and then do your own research. Ask if the community has onsite schools or if any will be built. If the community plans to have onsite schools, ask when they will be complete.

Is There a Commercial District?

How far will you have to travel for necessities such as groceries, prescriptions, and gas? If it’s a long way, it might not be the community for you. Many communities set aside land for commercial use. Ask what is planned for the commercial district. Most commercial developers buy land for mixed-used developments that include retail shops, restaurants and everyday services like medical and dental offices.

What Amenities are Included?

People are drawn to master-planned communities because they have access to resident-only amenities such as pools, clubhouses, parks, playgrounds and more. Tour them to make sure they are well-kept. Ask who oversees them. Have with you a list of must-have amenities for your family. If a pool is on your list, ask if they have one. Love a morning jog? Find out if the community has a trail system. Kids? How many parks and playgrounds do they have or will have?

Is it Pedestrian-Friendly?

Not many prospective home buyers ask this question, but it is important. You want your family to be able to safely walk around the neighborhood. The community you are considering should have a network of sidewalks leading to the amenities. They should be in good condition. Wide streets are a bonus for families that enjoy riding their bikes.

Is There a Homeowner’s Association?

As a general rule, most master-planned communities have a homeowner’s association or HOA. The HOA enforces community-wide rules. It also ensures your community stays beautiful by maintaining community spaces. If the community you are considering has one, ask if you can have a copy of the rules and covenants. These documents outline what is and isn’t allowed in the community. Communities with HOAs have yearly fees that go toward the maintenance of the amenities. Find out how much they are and factor that in when deciding which community is right for you.

What are Some Challenges of Building Here?

This is another question homebuyers should but don’t ask. Your developer should be happy to discuss issues such as sloped homesites, permits still needed for planned amenities and city regulations. They should be able to tell you how they are surmounting these challenges. Usually, the challenges are not a problem but it’s good to go in with your eyes open.

There Are No Bad Questions

You will be living in your house and community for a long time. Ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you are making the right decision to you. Your developer will be happy to help.

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