Railway Heights Market: The New “It” Destination

Located just a short drive away from the Dellrose community is Houston’s largest and most diverse marketplace. Home to culinary offerings from around the world, boutique jewelry and clothing shops, and showcases of local talent through events and artwork, let’s just say that Railway Heights lives up to its hype. Majority of the market’s stall workers you see are the farmers, fishermen, bakers and artists who are responsible for the goods up for purchase, and we don’t know about you — but that’s enough of a reason to visit in and of itself. The authenticity of this market is unlike any other in the region, and we invite you to experience it for yourself. From restaurants to retail shops and bars, here’s everything to expect upon your visit.


Shopping for groceries? Just visit Railway Height’s first floor for your produce needs. But let us remind you — this isn’t your average grocery store (and we mean that in the best way). Here, you can purchase locally-sourced salads that are freshly made, sip on a cup of coffee brewed from Analogue Coffee Bar, and even pick up an artisanal charcuterie board to pair with your bottle of choice from the grocer’s wine bar, Puncheon. On hot summer days, stop by for an ice cream or a warm crepe to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Heading home and want to make a pit stop for a quick bite to eat? Alternatively, maybe you have a planned date and are looking for a new restaurant to try. Upstairs, Railway Heights has a variety of dining options for you to choose from, whether you’re craving gumbo, pho, artisanal pizza or a classic hamburger and fries. Each time you visit, try something new or stick to your favorite spots. Just know there’s something suited to everyone and occasions of any kind.


Shop until you drop from Railway Heights’ brands and businesses. Whether you’re looking for a new clothing piece to add to your wardrobe, a few natural makeup items for your beauty routine, or jewelry, there’s a plethora of local vendors to explore. Purchase some terrariums and plants from Mrs. Moss Potter or Lotus Sky Botanicals, or stock up on candles for the colder months at Ziba, made with natural soy wax. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind items that are handmade or locally sourced, you’ve arrived at the right place.


Dinner and a show? How about dinner and an art gallery instead? On Railway Heights’ second floor, the artwork of Houston’s emerging artists is displayed for all to see. The best part is that these artistic pieces in the form of paintings, sketches and photographs are available for sale. Invest in a new piece for your at-home art collection or office space.


One of our favorite ways to spend our weekend afternoons or evenings during the week is by visiting Railway Heights for a cool, refreshing drink. It can be a glass of vino, an ice-cold pint, or an entire bottle of Rose — whichever you choose, there’s three bars to choose from, each tailored to a different experience. The Puncheon is dedicated to all things wine, while the market’s beer garden was designed for the true beer connoisseur. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, the SitBar is a classic go-to, and you can bring your furry friend along too.

Looking for some other local restaurants to try, but this time for take-out? Order from some of our top picks. Or if you want to set out on the open road for a weekend adventure, travel from Dellrose to Waco — we’ve highlighted all of the hidden gems to see along the way.

Pictures courtesy of: The Houston Eater (Banner); The Houston Press (Artwork); Railway Heights Market Instagram (Restaurants).