Local Restaurant Roundup: The Best Places to Try for Take-Out

Let’s be honest — when you’ve just finished a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is cook a meal for the entire family. Maybe you have a date night planned with your significant other this weekend, but instead of going out, you’d rather stay in. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just nice to order in some food from your favorite restaurant or one that’s new and have all the meal prep and time spent cooking done for you. If you’re new to the Dellrose community, it’s time you get acquainted with the best take-out nearby.

1. Dario’s Steakhouse & Seafood

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday, pull out all the stops by ordering from Dario’s Steakhouse & Seafood. They offer the highest-quality Angus steaks and fresh seafood which are delivered daily. It’s time to bring the fine dining experience to you.

2. The Lost Cajun

Crawfish season is here, so you know what that means — it’s time to fulfill all of your mouth-watering cravings. Named one of the Top Food Franchises of 2020 by Entrepreneur, The Lost Cajun is a go-to for crustaceans. Watching a sports game or a movie at home? This tasty meal will pair perfectly with the night’s festivities.

3. Marvino’s Italian Steakhouse

If you’re craving Italian, who better to order takeout from than Cypress’ very own Marvino’s Italian Steakhouse. The restaurant’s pastas are made with fresh ingredients every day, while their pizzas are cooked to perfection in their fire brick oven. If you’re looking for comfort foods that remind you of a home-cooked meal, Marvino’s is the restaurant for you.

4. Jinya Ramen Bar

We can’t explain why but some days all we want to eat is a warm bowl of soup. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures or our love for a hearty meal, but Jinya Ramen Bar is one of our favorite places for take-out nights. On the evenings when all we want to do is curl up on the couch and binge watch our favorite television show, it’s the first place that comes to mind. The restaurant is known for its slow-cooked approach to Ramen and its broths that are simmered for 20 hours in-house.

5. Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Ginza Japanese Restaurant caters to all the sushi lovers that live in Dellrose and nearby communities. It’s a classic choice if you’re looking to order Maki, Sashimi or Bento Boxes. Whether you’re looking for an appetizer, a snack or a full-blown meal, Ginza Japanese Restaurant has a variety of menu options to choose from.

6. First Watch

An award-winning breakfast, bunch and lunch spot, First Watch is one of Cypress’ best restaurants. Their menu comprises both traditional and creative items, appealing to everyone’s favorite breakfast foods or desires to try something new. Whether you want to have an impromptu brunch at home or don’t have time to cook because you’re on the go, First Watch has got you covered.

7. Sleek Chocolatier & Cafe

Those who have a sweet tooth will love Sleek Chocolatier & Cafe. Complete your take-out night with some dessert, whether it’s a crepe, a few waffles or their signature Chocolate Shawarmas. The cafe also offers a variety of breakfast foods and lunch options, including savory crepes and sandwiches.

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Pictures courtesy of: Open Table (Dario’s Steakhouse & Seafood); Open Table (Marvino’s Italian Steakhouse); Eater SF (Jinya Ramen Bar); Discover North Houston Suburbs (Sleek Chocolatier & Cafe).