Learn About Empire’s Enclave Homes at Dellrose in Magnolia

As Dellrose continues to grow and welcome new families, we’re taking this opportunity to spotlight one particular home design that’s catered to the modern homebuyer. Each home in our master-planned community is thoughtfully designed with features that enhance your quality of life, and the Enclave Series by Empire Communities is no exception. Read on to discover the top reasons why you should consider calling an Enclave Series home yours at Dellrose.

1. Be Part of a Close-Knit Community

Built in groups of four, the unique design of the Enclave Series provides the opportunity to

have conversations with neighbors when you’re gardening or taking a stroll around the block. Community is a pillar at Dellrose, and the Enclave Series is a prime example of community in action.

2. Minimal Traffic

The Enclave Series’ innovative design showcases two homes facing the main road while the others are only accessible via a shared court which acts as a private street or cul-de-sac. So when your kids are playing out in the front yard or you’re gardening, you won’t have a heavy influx of pedestrians walking by or cars racing down the street.

3. Increased Privacy

At Dellrose, we know how much privacy is valued. Because of the Enclave Series’ design, you’ll have less traffic than you would with a typical single-family home, plus increased privacy for your entire family. Each home design comes with an optional covered patio — located at the side or back of the home — acting as a secluded retreat at the end of a long day.

4. Less Maintenance

Empire’s Enclave homes are a great option if you want to have an on-the-go lifestyle and take advantage of all the amenities that a master-planned community provides. These lock-and-leave homes were created with the idea that you’ll no longer need a house sitter or someone to tend to your garbage because your neighbors and the community’s homeowner association (HOA) will ensure they’re looked after if you’re away.


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