5 Tips to Help You Host the Best Super Bowl Party

It’s finally here — Super Bowl season has descended upon us, which means most families are now waiting in anticipation of the big game. Tensions are high and the energy is palpable as everyone picks a side and places bets on their favorite team taking home the trophy. Whether you’re a football fanatic or you just stick around long enough to watch the halftime show, why not make this annual event a fun time for everyone? We’ve rounded up a few of our best tips and tricks to make this year’s Super Bowl party the best one yet. 


1. Decorations

Now’s the time to set the scene and make your guests feel like they’re right on the sidelines. Transforming your space can be just as fun as the party itself, especially when there are so many fun and quirky decorations available online around this time of year. Use football drink stirrers to add a little flair to everyone’s cocktails, or a football field rug to add a field-like flair to your living room. 


2. Show Your Spirit


A Super Bowl party is nothing without team spirit to keep the energy alive. Using face paint and hairspray in your favorite team’s colors, see which one of your guests can create the craziest look before kickoff. Add to the fun by throwing in a few prizes to motivate your guests, or even throw an impromptu fashion show to display everyone’s new looks. 


3. The Main Course

No party is ever complete without the food, and hangry guests are never something you want to deal with. You could always opt for some Super Bowl classics — chicken wings, pizza and nachos — or you can try something new this year. Fried chicken is always a crowd pleaser but have you ever tried Korean fried chicken? This slightly sweet and incredibly juicy take on a fan favorite will leave your guests wanting more. Don’t forget the snacks either — skip the potato chips and instead, try plantain chips. Not only are these incredibly easy to make, they can be served alongside any of your favorite dips. 


4. Games


Keep the friendly competition going with a few party games, like football team and city trivia, or football bingo. Popular card games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens and Anomia are always a hit no matter the occasion, so it’s always a safe bet to have one or two of these laying around. If you’re more interested in the Super Bowl ads than the actual game, have a few sheets of Super Bowl commercial bingo ready to go.   


5. Drinks


Whether you’re watching the game or simply waiting for the halftime show, you may need a few drinks to get you through the evening. You can keep things simple with a few beers, or mix up your own cocktails to match the team colors (we love Delish’s guide to the best cocktails for every color of the rainbow).  


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