5 Easy Ways to Keep Active at Dellrose

You don’t need a gym, fitness instructor or spin class subscription to stay active when there’s plenty of ways to keep your heart rate up and get that adrenaline boost you’re craving right here in the community. In our opinion, there’s no better way to work out than in the outdoors, and at Dellrose, the community’s amenities make that possible in a plethora of ways. Explore how you can use the Dellrose community, its facilities and the surroundings that are close to home to your full advantage for exercise below.

1. Try Your Hand at Aqua Aerobics in the Pool

The pool is a great place to burn some extra calories and stay cool all at once. You can swim around or across the pool, or bring some weights in for a more challenging workout too. What’s awesome about aqua aerobic exercises is that they engage more muscles but can be totally customized to you. Round up a couple of your friends and invite them to join you, or exercise solo. If you’re looking for some guidance on what to do, check out this fitness class geared towards all skill levels.

2. Play a Tennis Match at the Court

Those who have played tennis before know just how much of a workout it really is. The constant running to various points of the court as well as the arm strength that’s needed to serve can make you work up a sweat. It’s a great go-to for those that are looking for a cardio workout, while still having fun with family or friends. Play a recreational game or compete with someone who is experienced for more of a challenge. To start you off on the right foot, learn how to use your forehand, backhand and serve.

3. Work Your Arms and Legs at the Benches

There’s a couple places in the Dellrose community that were designed as seating areas, but who says you can’t use them to work out too? Get creative with what’s built in the community, like our benches for example, and use them in whichever way you desire. Work your legs with step-ups or split squats, and your arms with some tricep dips or decline push-ups. The beauty is that there’s enough you can do without weights or you can bring them with you too.

4. Sprint in the Field

Forget the treadmill that you have at home — the community has an abundance of green space that you can use for sprinting exercises or paved pathways for runs. If you’re looking to improve your speed and agility, try out some of these cone exercises that football players tend to use. Bring a friend along to time you and keep you on track to reaching your personal best.

5. Practice Yoga on the Lawn

What better way to practice some yoga than outdoors breathing in the fresh air? Pack a yoga mat or towel, find an area in one of Dellrose’s fields and channel your inner yogi. Practice some mindfulness and meditation in the middle of the week to recharge, or dedicate your session to improving your strength and balance.

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