What It Takes to Host the Perfect Patio Party at Home

There’s something about eating al fresco and being outdoors that simply can’t be topped. Imagine fairy lights hung in the trees of your backyard, candle light flickering on your tabletop and the smell of a home cooked meal filling the air — it’s the sights and smells of patio season. With summer coming to a close sooner than we’d like, we can’t help but think of all the ways that we can make the most out of our home’s outdoor spaces while the weather is still at its peak. If you haven’t already, send out an invite to your family and friends, and let us show you what it takes to host the perfect patio party with them at home.


Calculate How Much Food You Need

Do you ever find yourself stressing about not having enough food for your guests? How is it that each time we host a gathering, we either end up with too much food left over or not quite enough? Well, deciding on the right food proportions has just gotten easier with this calculator that gives you an indication of how much food you should buy depending on your party size.

Don’t Have Enough Seating? Get Creative.

If you’re hosting a big patio party, you may not have enough chairs for all of your guests — that’s okay. Take a look indoors and gather all the alternative seating that you have in your home. Get creative by setting up beanbags, poufs or stools in your backyard. You can always set up some picnic blankets on the floor with a few pillows for a casual yet comfortable vibe.

Sparkle Up the Yard

Ambience is everything when it comes to hosting a perfect patio party at home. Give the space some pizazz with decorations that make the space look and feel a bit more elevated than your typical weekday family dinner. Add some fairy lights into your trees, string lanterns above your seating, or line some candles on your table. After all, you can’t have guests eating in the dark.

Opt for Paper Cutlery & Plates

No one likes having to wash dishes at the end of the night. With that in mind, opt for paper cutlery and plates. If you still want your party to look sophisticated and special, we’ve got the perfect company in mind that offers elevated disposable dinnerware perfect for any patio celebration. Plates, utensils, napkins and cups — you name it, they’ve got it. If you’re feeling crafty, wrap cutlery in a napkin and tie a colorful piece of ribbon around it.

Equip Your Guests with the Essentials

Don’t get us wrong — we love summer, but mosquitos? Not so much. If you’re hosting a patio party, you want to make sure that your guests feel comfortable being outdoors. And if they’re getting eaten alive all evening long, it’s safe to say that guests may be preoccupied trying to shoo bugs away. Instead of using bug spray which can travel onto food, provide guests with a towelette that doubles as an insect repellent instead. You can keep these handy in the backyard for guests to use throughout the night.

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