Tips for The Best School Year Ever

School starts this month (Aug. 26 for Dellrose students) and while you might or might not be relieved, your kids probably need a little help getting back into the groove. No problem. We’ve put together tips for making this your kids’ best school year ever.


Set Goals


Whether it’s reading a certain number of books or acing AP American History, your child is never too young or too old to create a list of goals for the school year. Help young children articulate what they hope to accomplish and create a checklist. To keep them from feeling discouraged if they don’t feel they are making progress, offer periodic rewards for trying.


Set (or Go Over) Ground Rules


Remind your kids that homework must be done before television and phones must be put away. Other rules could include going to bed early on school nights, no friends over unless schoolwork is completed and no extra-curricular activities unless report cards are good.


Buy Cool School Supplies


Don’t underestimate the power of a cute backpack or a superhero notebook. Let kids express themselves with their choice of supplies. Not only will they love using them, they are a reminder to always be themselves.


Breakfast Like Champions


Make sure kids go to school with a good breakfast under their belts. Skip the sugary cereals, which will only cause a mid-afternoon crash. Stick to oatmeal, whole-grain bagels with nut butters or eggs. Your child not a fan of breakfast foods? Don’t stress, let him or her chow down on last night’s leftovers.


Planners are for Everyone


Ensure school projects aren’t forgotten, sports gear makes it into the trunk and permission slips are signed by making a to-do list or a weekly plan and keeping it in a central place in your home. Write down anything and everything school-related and encourage your kids to do it, too. Your mornings will be less stressful.


Focus on the Positives


Let’s face it. Your child is going to have bad days. Keep him or her from dwelling on poor test results or hurtful comments. Help them set up a study plan to ace the next test, plan a fun day with his or her best friends or make a list of all of the compliments they have received.