The Benefits of Moving Closer to Family

Moving closer to family has its perks — more quality time spent with each other, a helpful hand when you need it, watching the little ones of the family grow up, and never missing a birthday or celebratory occasion. If you’ve been considering making the move — whether it’s closer to your parents or your kids — or downsizing from your home to something more manageable to maintain, now’s the time. Read on to discover all the benefits of moving closer to your loved ones at Dellrose.

1. Quality Time with Family

When you live further away from family, it becomes harder to spend the same amount of time with them that you would if you lived right next door. Living closer to your parents, kids or grandchildren gives you the opportunity to cherish all of life’s moments as they unfold.

2. You Have Plenty of Help

Whether you need some help watching the kids, loading furniture into your new home, or fixing that leaky faucet, with your family around, there’s always someone to turn to. It may save you from having to call a repair man out to the house, or some cash from babysitting fees too.

3. You’re Never Alone In An Emergency

There’s nothing more stressful than being in an emergency situation with no family around. Let’s say your car breaks down and you need someone to give you a ride, your family is just a short drive away. Especially if a trip to the hospital is needed, you have at least one (or five) aunts, uncles, siblings or cousins that will show up as quickly as you call.

4. It’s Easier to Gather

It’s hard to plan things when you live far away from family and friends. You need to account for driving to and from locations, weather conditions, and packing for long distance trips. If you live closer to family, these things may need to be considered to a degree, but for the most part all you’re responsible for is showing up.

5. Less Frequent Trips to the Store

It’s a Friday night and you’ve got friends coming over, so naturally you’re cooking up a storm. We can all relate to being knee-deep in our recipe only to realize that we’re missing a key ingredient. Luckily, with your family so close to home, you can run over and grab whatever you need without having to take another trip to the store.

6. Less Time Spent on the Screen

As nice as it is to catch up with loved ones on social devices, isn’t it nicer to meet in person instead? When we live further away from our family and friends, we resort to texting, facetiming and emailing which takes time away from the other important parts of our lives. By living closer to those we hold dear, it’s much easier to drop by for a chat or have a spontaneous lunch.

7. Loving Support Is Never Far Away

Any time you’re having a rough day and need someone to talk to, who do you turn to? Family. One of the biggest benefits of living close to those who care for you is that loving support is never far away. Drive, walk, or bike over to your family’s house if you’re looking for a listening ear, some perspective or just a warm hug.

Have we convinced you to make the move? Explore our available homes in Dellrose today.