Buying a Move-In Ready vs. New Build Home: What’s the Difference?

Cost, time, location and means for customization are just some of the factors homeowners consider when choosing whether to buy a new build or move-in ready home. And since a home purchase will likely be your biggest investment, it’s important to understand the differences and advantages of each. To help you make as an informed decision as possible, we spotlight the difference between a move-in ready and new build home below, as well as break down the advantages of each.

Move-in Ready vs. New Build Homes

Both new build and move-in ready homes are common buying options in Texas. A move-in ready home is one that’s completed construction and is ready for immediate occupation, with finishes pre-selected. In contrast, a new-build home offers more flexibility for customization, given that it’s bought off a builder plan prior to construction, with the homeowner able to select the desired finishes and upgrades.

How do I Determine What’s Best for Me?

Consider the following factors when deciding whether to purchase a new build or move-in ready home.


Your timeline for purchasing a new build or move-in ready home can be influenced by a number of factors, including new job opportunities, an addition to a growing family and more. Move-in ready homes are a more feasible option if time is of the essence, as it gives couples and families the opportunity to move into their new home within a few months. If searching for a quick move-in home, be sure to get approval from your lender prior to beginning your search, as it will make the process go faster and allow you to put in a stronger offer on the home you’re interested in. If time is on your side, it’s worth looking into a new build home. While the process does take longer, it does also allow you to consider the features and finishes you want to see in your home.


Determining where you want to live is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing a new home, and the community, amenities and location will influence whether you choose to buy a new build or move-in ready home. Newer developments like Dellrose offer greater choice of owning a new home with top-notch amenities in both urban centres and charming small towns.

Design & Customization

When deciding whether a new build or move-in ready home is best for you, consider convenience versus customization: a new build home will afford you creative input when designing your home, while move-in ready homes offer the luxury of convenience if you find one that suits your style.

No matter whether you choose a new build or move-in ready home, we know that you’ll find the home you’ve been searching for at Dellrose. Be sure to explore our available floor plans and selection of move-in ready homes today.