Lou & Kelly Barry

“Dellrose has the perfect ‘small town’ feel.”

“Lou and I moved into Dellrose in March 2017. We had been living in the Cypress area for nearly 30 years, so moving to Hockley was an easy decision. We knew we would still be close to our friends, our church and all of the retail and grocery conveniences nearby. Additionally, we loved the fact that Dellrose was not going to be another “mega” development, but a more reasonably-sized community.

An advantage of being one of the community’s ‘early’ residents is that we’ve been able to watch and enjoy the growth of our neighborhood. It’s very encouraging to see how quickly the different sections are being filled with new residents. Last July we partnered with our next-door neighbor to host a gathering for the residents in our section, which had grown so quickly. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone was excited to get together and meet the families who live around them. Dellrose has the perfect ‘small town’ feel.

We’re looking forward to seeing the continued growth in our area — not only for the value it adds to our property, but also for getting to know other fellow neighbors who have chosen to make the Dellrose community their home.”