How to Make Moving to a New Home with Kids Stress-Free, According to a Mom

You may be a seasoned veteran when it comes to moving, but when you add kids into the equation, moving into a new house becomes a new feat entirely. Mom and Dellrose homeowner, Melissa Lester, says that her move to the community with her two littles is still fresh in her mind — she knows what works, what doesn’t and what will make your move seamless for everyone in the family. Here are her five tips that will bring you a step closer to achieving a stress-free move with kids.

1. Start Early & Communicate Effectively

Getting ahead on packing will set your move up for success and will mitigate stress as your moving date approaches. According to Lester, you can involve your children in this process, too. First, explain to them why you’re packing and what’s to come, as well as that their items and belongings will only be packed for a short period. It’s important to communicate the changes that are to come early on. This will help lower their stress and anxiety, and will help you organize the details of your move with the help of your little ones by your side.

2. Take Advantage of Time Away from Kids

Multi-tasking is difficult in the best of times, let alone when you’re chasing after your kids. According to Lester, the key is to take advantage of the time you have away from your children — during nap time, play dates, or when they’re being watched by grandparents. If your kids are in school, try to schedule your move while they’re in class or at daycare. This will help you manage the priorities of your move, without your kids as a distraction.

3. Pack Essentials Last

As it nears closer to your moving date, it’s important to pack all of your essential belongings last — your toiletries and chargers, as well as your children’s favorite toys. Packing essentials separate from other items will allow for a more seamless transition upon move-in. Avoid having to rummage through each of your boxes looking for what you need — pack a duffle bag or suitcase with everyone’s belongings and keep it handy during your last few days of moving.

4. Stick to Routines

Keeping to a normal routine will help your children become adjusted to their new home environment quicker. According to Lester, one way that you can achieve this is by setting your children’s rooms up with their bedding, toys and favorite belongings prior to them spending their first night in the new house. Having familiar items around them will help make them feel more comfortable in the space, and will increase the chances of them having a sound first night. Just in case they do wake from their slumber, be sure to explain where your bedroom is located so that they feel comfortable coming to you in the middle of the night if they need to.

5. Celebrate Your Arrival

What better way to close your moving chapter than to celebrate with a little treat for everyone. Upon arriving to your new home, mark the celebratory occasion with a cake or with a little present for your kids. These small gestures will help excite your children about starting life afoot in their new home.

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