The Little Library Comes to Dellrose

Anyone else desperate for something new to read? With summer in full swing and many of us staying home more than usual due to the pandemic, we could all use a new book for a little escape and inspiration. Swooping in to save the day are three new little libraries around the Dellrose community, which are free for residents to use.

The little library concept is simple: leave a book or two that you’ve finished reading, borrow one or two new ones to enjoy, then bring them back and repeat. It’s a wonderful way to share the love of reading throughout the community and connect with your neighbors.

What’s even more remarkable about the little libraries is that they were built by a Dellrose resident with a passion for woodworking. The little libraries can be found at the Dellrose clubhouse and at the community’s two pocket parks.

Since their installation, the little libraries have become community gathering places, spreading excitement throughout Dellrose — and on social media as well. “This is really exciting,” says Dellrose resident Emily Arnold. “Our previous community had many and it was such a neat, enriching thing.”