6 Ways to Give Ordinary Household Items a Second Life

It can be fun to peruse the aisles of your favorite department store looking at home decor. Whether you’re just window shopping or on the hunt for a specific piece, seeing all the new pieces in stock can be a real treat. But what if you could turn regular items lying around your house into the cool and trendy items you see in stores? With our guide, you’ll be able to pick up a few tips and tricks to breathe new life into pieces that were once old and worn. 


Repurpose Raw Materials

If you’re a seasoned handyperson, you probably have some raw materials sitting around from your last DIY project. Instead of tossing them away, use them to elevate different areas of your home. For example, leftover tile can be made into a beautiful piece of mosaic art. Start by carefully breaking the tile into smaller pieces and arranging them onto any solid surface. Use adhesive to stick your tile pieces to your chosen surface, and then push grout into the cracks once the adhesive dries. The last step is to wipe away any excess grout before you put your new piece on display. 


Shoe Boxes into Storage

It seems like you can never have enough storage options, but it can start to become costly if you’re always looking for matching sets. Make them yourself with an item you probably have hidden in your basement — a shoe box. Wrap the exterior in your favorite wrapping paper and no one’s the wiser. Use these boxes as plain shoe storage or as drawer organizers. 


Teacup Candles


If you dig into your cabinets, you’ll probably find an old tea cup or two hiding back there. They’re most often a little too small to drink out of but have the most beautiful and timeless designs. Savor these treasures forever by turning them into candles using The Craft Patch’s guide. It’s as easy as centering the wick in the base of the cup, pouring in your wax, allowing it to set and you’ve got yourself a totally unique candle.


Ice Buckets From Paint Cans

Keeping drinks cool for your next party doesn’t have to be boring. Spice things up by reusing old paint cans as ice buckets. Decorate the exterior any way you’d like (we love this design from Hey Let’s Make Stuff) and your ice bucket is ready to be used and displayed at your next get-together — perfect for holding your drinks and looking stylish as well. 


Cable-Knit Sweater Pillows

Use this as the perfect opportunity to declutter your wardrobe and start fishing for those old knit sweaters you might not wear anymore. Give these garments a second life by turning them into throw pillows. They’ll add a bit of warmth and coziness to whatever room they’re displayed in, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself. 


Glass Jar Planters

Old glass jars can be repurposed in a variety of different ways, from storing dry goods in your pantry to using them as reservoirs for candles. In fact, glass jars work well for storing small indoor plants as well. If you need some inspiration on how to decorate your jars, we love Craftionary’s compilation. 


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