Four of 2021’s Home Trends with Staying Power

“Will I love this piece for years to come?” This question is often one of the greatest considerations when it comes to furnishing our homes. What we choose for our homes forms the framework for some of life’s most special moments, and we want to ensure that each piece has staying power — but, it can be hard to distinguish between timeless pieces and passing fads. So how can you tell what trends are here to stay?

We’re sharing five of 2021’s hottest home trends, and diving into why we think they’re here to stay.

1. Incorporating Plenty of Plants & Greenery

If there were a few positives to come out of the pandemic, then a renewed appreciation for our homes — and how they support our lifestyles — is one of them. Keeping plants and greenery in the house does more than add a pop of color to an empty nook; it helps to improve the air quality in our homes, boosts our mood and productivity, and reduces levels of stress and fatigue. Say hello to a happier and healthier you!

2. Prioritizing Kitchen Organization

Marie Kondo’s 2019 Netflix series may have got the ball rolling on decluttering and organizing our homes, but this year’s trend turns a sharp eye to one of the most clutter-prone rooms in our house: the kitchen. We’re all guilty of stuffing too much food into our pantry, so the next time you bring home that extra box of cookies (however delicious they may be), consider this: a well-organized kitchen can not only make dinner prep go a lot faster, it can also free up counter space, thus making the kitchen feel larger. Doing a regular deep clean of the fridge and pantry, and using clear bins to keep goodies neat and in-sight are two easy ways to keep your kitchen organized.

3. Emphasizing Organic Furniture & Materials

If you need proof that organic furniture and materials are here to stay, look no further than to the Wishbone or 811 Hoffman chairs — two of the most popular pieces to come out of Century Modern design. Materials like cord, cane, rattan, and leather add a sense of balance to our spaces, so it’s no surprise to see them dominating the design world. From lighting and chairs to decor accents and drawer pulls, you’ll find organic materials on just about everything.

4. Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Just as this past year saw us nurturing our green thumb and bringing more plants indoors, so too did it see us bring the indoors out. Our patios used to be just a space for a grill and outdoor dining set, but with most of us still spending more time at home, expanding our outdoor living space became more important. These days, our outdoor space is treated as a true extension of the home, with summer kitchens, dining and lounging areas, and even televisions worked into our outdoor oases. And with so many great health benefits tied to time spent outdoors — we know that this trend is here to stay.

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Image courtesy of My Domaine (kitchen organization); Decorist (dining room).