11 Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Impact

You might be thinking of sprucing up your home with the holidays approaching. Nothing major, just something that will wow your guests. Easier said than done? We’ve put together a few small DIY projects that you can do over the weekend that make big impact.

Get Out Your Paint Brush

The easiest way to transform anything is with paint. The cost is small, but the rewards are great. You can paint an entire room or just one wall. Welcome visitors with a freshly painted front door and trim. Use light-colored paint to make a small room seem larger. A large room can be made cozy with darker shades. Be sure to purchase high-quality paint and follow these tips for a perfect finish.

Update Your Kitchen

You can transform your cabinets with a few coats of paint or stain. Make sure the frames and doors are structurally sound, then just clean, sand and paint. Once the paint dries, replace outdated hardware with something new and trendy. Updating your backsplash without removing it is as easy as painting over tiles. Don’t like your tile? New materials and glues allow you to cover it with wood veneers, tin or beadboard.

Change Up Your Windows

New curtains or blinds can really make a difference. Interior shutters are easy to install and give your home character. Make your family room look bigger by hanging floor-length drapes 6- to 12-inches above the window frame and extending the curtain rod 3- to- 6-inches on each side. Consider adding sheers to allow more natural light to stream in.

Wallpaper You Can Remove

Love the look of wallpaper but have commitment issues? Removable wallpaper may be just what you are looking for. With removable wallpaper, you just peel and stick. Be sure to choose good quality paper that is slightly weighted and not too sticky. Reusable wallpaper can be taken down and used in other rooms. Don’t limit yourself to rooms, though. Use it on stair risers, floors and even furniture.

Accent Your Wall

Accent walls create focal points in your home. Use dark paint on a wall in your dining room to add drama or a bright, vibrant paint in bedrooms. If you want to add depth and texture, use shiplap or break out that peel-and-stick wallpaper. Don’t forget, your ceiling can be an accent wall as well.

Change Your Fixtures 

Update your bathroom fixtures to easily achieve a look you love. If you admire sleek, modern looks, go with nickel. For something lux, gold is a go-to. Use brass for a vintage look. If you are changing the fixtures, why not change your bathroom hardware? Tired vanities can be revived with a few coats of paint.

Light It Up

If your light fixtures feel a bit outdated, change them. Add a chandelier to the dining room or even your primary bathroom. If your pendant lights have shades, update them with new ones. While you are at it, change your outdoor lighting. Buy new lights or simply paint over the old ones.

Jazz Up the Patio

Tired of the old concrete slab? You can easily transform it with paint and a stencil. Frame your patio with pavers or brick. Even an outdoor rug can jazz up your patio.

Curb Appeal

Use magnetic accents to give your garage door a vintage look and your home instant curb appeal. Install window boxes for a country look. Add an outdoor rug and hang string lights for a warm, welcoming look if you have a porch.

Wash the Driveway

A dirty driveway makes a poor first impression. Power washing removes dirt, grime and stains that detract from curb appeal. Power washing also prevents mold and mildew, limits weeds and prevents cracks.

Plant Power

Landscaping keeps your home beautiful all year long. Choose plants appropriate for the season. Frame your front door with potted plants. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Many faux plants look just like the real thing.